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Anywhere in the world

Locations are organized by timezones so you can see the time of the day and weather with one swipe.

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Hourly & weekly forecast

Sky has a primary focus on the hourly forecast but still let you see the weekly predictions with a unique swipe .

A sleek yet useful app

Focus on design

Sky combines the time of the day with the current weather to create an unlimited set of visualizations. Unless you live in London you'll enjoy a lot of different visuals ;-)


Add as many locations as you want and they'll be organized by timezones by default.



See the weekly forecast for a location by horizontally swiping the summary screen. Swipe again to get back

Live Updates

Sky updates everytime you check it out but you can also updated it anytime by tapping on the update icon, no big deal, is it?


Celsius - Fahrenheit

Tap to change the units from Fahrenheit to Celsius and viceversa. Now Europeans and Americans can actually chat about the weather!


Hour by hour

The main focus of Sky Weather is on the hourly forecast, see what's coming instanly

One more thing...it's free

Coming soon on iOS

We are working hard on it and will keep you posted! :)